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Marxism 101

Most times I mention Marxism, I'm met with exasperated sighs and sarcasm, (e.g. "Where are the communists? Are they here in the room with us now?") only for me to later find that these people don't know what Marxism is. First things first, understanding Marxism.

The most common beliefs are that Marxism is simply an economic system or a political system that is only bad because it was used by nations that happened to be on hostile terms with the West. Both of these beliefs are false.

At its core, Marxism is about one thing, the oppression. Marx viewed the world as a symptom of class-based oppression. Everything from money to art to science is viewed as an expression of class oppression, with upper classes exploiting the lower classes. Popular art is only popular because it is supported by the upper classes to tell their story, while lower class art is dismissed and forgotten. Scientific discovery is only accepted if it supports the class relationship. All of history is viewed in the same way, with lower classes being the true heroes of history, but the books are written by, for the benefit of, the upper class.

Nothing is neutral, nothing is objective, everything is funneled through the singular lens of oppression.

Once materialistic oppression has been discovered, it is the obligation of the Marxist to destroy the society harboring said oppression.