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Postmodernism is the idea that there is no absolute reality, only an interpreted reality. Nothing is actually anything, only how it is viewed by different people.

The consequence of postmodernism are that there are an unlimited of equally valid interpretations of everything and this opens the question, if it is equally valid to say that the greatest author is Shakespeare or El James, how has society made a definitive choice?

If everything is of equal intrinsic value, all differences in results must be due to external factors.

  • Apples and onions are equal.
  • Thus apples and onions may be substituted for each other without modification.
  • Apples make a good snack and onions are used in marinara sauce.
  • Thus onions make a good snack AND apples may be used in marinara sauce.
If this sounds reasonable to you, you might be right. Some people enjoy onions as a snack and famous chefs like Ferran AdriĆ  and Heston Blumenthal have built their careers on far more radical parings than apples in marinara sauce.

This still raises the question of "Why?" Why is apples to onions equality not universally agreed upon? There are countless cookbooks and movies and advertisements that all push the idea that apples and onions are not equal. Is that the source of this selective prejudice against both apples and onions?

Let's investigate this further with another example. Imagine you need a brain surgeon and obviously you want a brilliant one.
  • An IQ of 70 is of equal value to an IQ of 130.
  • Society says an IQ of 130 makes an individual brilliant.
  • Thus the IQ test is structured in to arbitrarily rank traits.
  • Thus the IQ test is a tool of oppression, giving some people lower scores.
  • Thus the IQ test was designed by an oppressive group to facilitate their oppression.
This is the root of the problem. All differences of valuation within postmodernism are the result of oppression. Your desire for a brilliant brain surgeon is the foundation of this oppression, you are not only complicit, but responsible.

Traditional Marxism focuses on class oppression and materialism, but postmodernism expands this narrative to include every single demographic trait. Any lack of equivalence is the direct and exclusive result of oppression.

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